First Brit to complete World Marathon Challenge twice …

After completing the seventh and final marathon of the week, I was truly lost for words….

Huge congratulations to RAF Benevolent Fund Ambassador Luke Wigman for completing the World Marathon Challenge, which saw him run seven marathons on seven continents in seven days! Luke began his fundraising challenge in Cape Town before bracing the elements in Antarctica. His third marathon was in Perth, Australia followed by Dubai. It was then onto Madrid then Fortaleza in Brazil, and finally Miami where he completed the gruelling challenge.

Having first taken part back in 2017, Luke is the first Brit to complete the multi-event marathon twice.

Luke said,

“After completing the seventh and final marathon of the week, I was truly lost for words. We were running very short on time and I actually ended up finishing the last two marathons within 24 hours. I managed to complete the marathon in Miami in 3:35, which I am over the moon about – although I have no idea how I recovered from the marathon in Brazil in just 12 hours!

I still can’t believe that I’m the first Brit to have complete the World Marathon Challenge twice. I’m looking forward to taking on this challenge again for a third time… and being at my peak fitness for it!”

You can show your support for Luke by donating to his JustGiving page.

A hearty Banana Crumble well done to Luke.

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