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Fabulous decoration at the Banana Crumb-Ball

by Banana Crumble | Oct 10, 2019

When we decided that we would run a charity ball it was a huge challenge as none of us had ever been involved with organising anything like this before. There is a lot of trust in the people that get recommended to you and sometimes you just need to go with their suggestions and ideas.

At our very first meeting with Debbie from WhiteLace Events Essex I was asked about the event and what we wanted to achieve and the sort of thing we were looking for. We explained that all the money was to go to The Southend Cystic Fibrosis Association and that there had to be a banana theme as it was The Banana Crumb-Ball.

The comments about how the hall looked have been fantastic. The Marquee was decorated using the colours of the SCFA as were all the balloons on the table giving us the exposure to the charity along with a bright, fun, vibrant atmosphere that we wanted to achieve. I think from the photos you can see the attention to detail was amazing.

Where did the bananas come in ? All of the balloons were held in place with bunches of bananas, and there were of course bananas around the marquee in strategic places. It could have been tacky but it wasn’t and this was down to all of the hard work that Debbie and the team put into helping us with our event. If we do another event like this then I know for sure that Debbie would be my first port of call. If any of you need someone to help with your event then definitely give Debbie a shout. Absolutely nothing was any trouble and I know in some of the stressful moments that did inevitably occur it was Debbie who was the calming influence and helped us in so many ways. I came up with an idea of having a thank you board so we could acknowledge the companies and individuals that had donated items for the raffle and auction. I didn’t have anything and with it being in a Marquee we couldn’t use the walls so Debbie took the pin board down from her daughter’s room so that we had something we could use and it worked really well and made sure that people had their names shown.

Thanks Debbie – what would we have done without you?

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