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Doris' Story

by Banana Crumble | Dec 18, 2017

A really good family friend of ours, lives in an apartment in Brentwood, Essex. I periodically phone her just to check up on her and see how things are going. She is always happy to chat and seems genuinely pleased to hear from me. After the bad weather last week and the fact it is almost Christmas I wanted to give her a call.

We chatted about the usual things and the subject of the weather came up, as it always does. Doris then told me a story and my Banana Crumble Good News radar was alerted!!

Doris – I won’t give her age away but needless to say she isn’t 21 any more had decided she needed to pop to the local supermarket just to pick up a few bits. When she got down to the communal entrance hall there were two lads standing by the door. Doris said she thought she had muttered “Oh no” under her breath but it was obviously louder than she thought and one of the lads who was waiting asked her what the matter was. Doris said that she hadn’t realised the weather was quite so bad and just how icy it was and that she wasn’t confident about walking in the ice.

The young lad told Doris he would go with her and he walked with Doris on his arm all the way across the road to the supermarket, he said he would wait outside and be there when she came out. Doris picked up the bits she wanted and Doris being Doris picked up a box of chocolates for the lad. The lad, true to his word was waiting and again he took Doris’ arm and made sure she was safely back home.

How nice is it when you hear a story where someone goes out of their way to help someone and doesn’t expect to get anything from it. The lad was apparently visiting a grandparent at the time.

Why is it only the youngsters that do bad things that make the headlines. This is a true Banana Crumble Good News Story and if this gets back to the lad then we hope he realises in our eyes and Doris’ he was a true gentleman and a real credit to himself and his family.

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