Don’t be defined by your disability

We are always looking for stories that are positive and inspirational and this one is truly amazing…

We are always looking for stories that are positive and inspirational. Sometimes when we find these stories it is hard to believe how much people have actually overcome. Such tales can help inspire others that may be in a similar circumstance but everybody who finds themselves in difficult situations doesn’t necessarily have the physical strength or even strength of character to take on these great challenges and for them it is literally a case of taking one tiny step each day and building on that.

Lee Spencer is a marine who lost his leg in an accident. Earlier in the year he completed the fastest unsupported solo row across the Atlantic. He finished the crossing from mainland Europe to South America in 60 days to take the record.

The remarkable thing about this record is that he actually beat the able bodied record for the same route by 36 days. Lee Spencer served in the armed forces for 24 years and he raised funds for the Royal Marines Charity and the Endeavour Fund. He had said that he wanted to prove that no one should be defined by disability. Looking at some of the comments on social media about the event it makes you realise how inspirational Lee Spencer is and I think this is summed up in just this tweet :

Hopefully this story can help inspire everyone in some way be it with a huge challenge or literally that first tiny step of onwards and upwards. Certainly an inspiration in our eyes.

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