Dom’s Pyjamas

May those pyjamas find happy homes.

Dom is a youngster from London who wanted to make a difference. He felt that not everyone was lucky enough to have presents and a good time at Christmas. He had an idea whereby he wanted children to have a pair of pyjamas and a bed time story to open on Christmas Eve. He set up his own charity and called it Dom’s Pyjamas. Over the last few years he has collected books and pyjamas from people not just locally but from all around the world. He donates the items to his local Women’s aid charity  where all the items are individually wrapped and given to children. This year they have donated over 500 pairs of pyjamas and 1000 books.

Children come up with such amazing ways of helping people and to those children who receive the gifts it must make such a difference. It just goes to show that with a simple idea such a big difference can be made. The collection of pyjamas for this Christmas has closed but they are still raising funds and as he says on his just giving page “raising a smile”. That is something that we try and encourage at Banana Crumble so may those pyjamas find happy homes.

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