Definitely a great and a healthy idea….

Bananas all round and other fruit too of course!!

How many times do you walk around a supermarket and see small children sitting in a trolley pointing at sweets and crisps. You do see some parents helping to get their children to make good snack choices but often you also see many snacking on crisps or chocolate. We can’t be perfect all the time but these decisions and choices will live with us forever. Shopping in Lakeside, in Essex and I popped into Marks and Spencer’s and saw a big box of fruit advertising that it was free to children when their parents were shopping!! What a great idea.

When researching for this we found that other Supermarkets also do this and that Marks and Spencer’s have launched their Free Fruit For Children Scheme in twenty of its stores A simple idea but one that can have far reaching implications. Lets hope that parents do take advantage of this and encourage their children go for fruit over the sweets as a snack.

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