Dads do know best….

When a phrase absolutely resonates with what is going on…

Parents and grandparents all have phrases that they say. My Dad had one that he used to use on a very regular basis when he was alive. However, more than ever his phrase has come back to me over these last few days after seeing the pictures of so many groups of people mingling when we are all supposed to be social distancing. His phrase was:

“Rules are Guidance for the wise and mandatory for idiots”

I can see more than ever why this applies particularly with everything going on at the moment. We are being given guidelines to follow and if we are following them then maybe we will still be able to have some freedoms which, unfortunately people in other countries don’t have. However people are saying whilst we can still go out then we will and don’t seem to be considering what problems their actions could potentially be causing. Surely if people think logically then they will keep to the guidelines rather than have to wait for rules which will then make it harder for everyone. Dad may have worded it slightly differently but the official slogan says it as it is too!

I definitely understand what my dad meant now and I know he would have used this phrase more than once or twice over the past few days. Come on everyone – please do your bit!!!!

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