Crayola – a good idea but not yet in the UK

It is after all our children’s world that we should be striving to save.

How many of us have pens in the bottom of a draw that don’t work anymore. How many pencil cases hold felt tips that haven’t seen the light of day for many a year. We hear so much about plastics and the damage it is having on our environment and often think that if we all do a bit then hopefully the little bits will add up. Often these little things don’t actually take a lot more effort that literally just throwing things away. In the past we have featured places where you can send old stamps, plastic bottle tops, bras to help train Pathfinder dogs to help blind and partially sighted people.

Crayola is probably the best known of all the felt tip manufacturers and they have launched a project called ColorCycle. We have seen this project featured but when we looked into it further it appears that the project is not available to us here in the UK. ColorCycle is where you can box up all your own pens that don’t work and then send them back to Crayola to recycle. It is a shame that such a project is not available here and we hope that before long the simple idea will be set up here. The project in America is aimed at schools and encourages pupils to bring their old pens in and once they reach a certain weight then they can be sent off. Such projects where children are actively involved are such a great idea. It is after all our children’s world that we should be striving to save. Come on Crayola – set something up like this in the UK. All the small actions aded together can make a big difference.

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