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Costa Coffee joins the Chatty Cafe Scheme

by Banana Crumble | Apr 21, 2018

Costa Coffee, Britain’s biggest coffee chain, has joined a scheme to help combat loneliness. They are going to trial a “chatter and natter table”. This is where people can sit if they actively want to talk to other people. Here at Banana Crumble we think this is a really great idea.


Costa is launching this as a pilot project in 25 of its stores and if the idea is successful they will extend it across the country. The Chatty Cafe scheme was launched by Alexandra Hoskyn from Oldham. Alexandra is a mum with a young child and she came up with the idea on a day when she wanted some company. Alexandra is hoping that her project will have a positive impact on other people by allowing them to interact without feeling awkward. The scheme is run in cafes and restaurants of all sizes and Alexandra is hoping that her idea will be put into place in more  outlets across the country and that loneliness can be reduced.

I think everyone has been into a restaurant/ cafe/ coffee shop or other situations on your own at some stage. If someone starts talking to you, they are almost looked upon as strange. Why is this stranger talking to me? I have friends that are either on their own or elderly and some that just like a chat. One elderly friend I know will go out on a bus each day just so that she can engage in conversations with someone as otherwise days can go past and she actually won’t talk to anyone.

Loneliness is a horrible thing and launching and taking part in schemes like the chatter and natter table is a really good way of letting people engage with other people without that stigma of why are they talking to me? Statistics about loneliness are astonishing and 46% of adults have felt lonely at some stage and just over 5% feel lonely all the time. This simple idea is a great way of getting people to engage with each other.

Banana Crumble would like to wish Alexandra all the very best with her great idea.

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