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Check on Ya Mate

by Banana Crumble | Mar 09, 2019

Last year we featured a really great initiative aimed at students and we thought we let you know about their latest plans. 5asideCHESS was launched by Ryan Child as a way of combatting mental health issues. A quick game of chess, limited to just one minute with ten pieces a side was the initiative aimed at breaking down barriers and getting people to talk.  5asideCHESS ran a tour that they called Battling Suicide. On the 1st February they launched their second tour at Southampton University.

The idea behind the tour and the bus was to give students a safe place to talk about their mental health issues and to try and solve some of the issues that students have when they leave home. Many students make friends a plenty and enjoy every second of their time at university. Many others don’t and feel lonely and isolated away from friends and family and their normal support network.

Ryan was asked to do a report for the local BBC and soon after the report he was then featured on national television. To see the interview and find out more about this please click here.

The Battling Suicide Tour Bus is planning to visit many more universities and colleges where hopefully allowing people to interact and chat will help people break the ice and make contact with people. It encourages people to talk about their metal health issues. Mental Health is such an important topic. If people don’t do anything and issues get swept under the carpet then later these will reoccur. It takes strength of character to come out and talk about issues but talking is such a great therapy and with the right help and support some of these negative mental health issues can be turned round to be a positive experience and one that will shape people’s lives going forward.

We know that we have many members that attend universities across the whole of the county and we encourage anyone who needs to talk to find someone who will listen and for those who are absolutely loving the university life and all that it has to offer takes a look around them and if they see someone who may be struggling, reach out. A smile, a few words really can make such a difference to people. We are really please that Ryan has joined forces with us in our latest Smile Wall competition where as well as the winner of the most liked photo getting a £50 Amazon voucher they will also win one of the 5asideCHESS sets. The theme of our Spring competition is “Check on ya Mate” and to submit a photo please click here.

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