Captain Incredible passes the £12 million mark…

He is a beacon of hope in dark times….

Earlier in the week we featured Captain Tom Moore who was doing a sponsored walk to raise funds for the NHS. This was a sponsored walk like no other. Captain Tom is 99 and he wanted to complete 100 laps of his garden before he reached his 100th birthday at the end of the month. He started off as we reported earlier saying he hoped to raise £10,000. His challenge has literally taken off and whilst I was researching the amount kept going up and going up and within hours he had reached a massive £1.3 million. This was the total as our article went live on the 14th April. Roll forward a few days and we thought we just had to share how much this sponsored walk has literally grabbed the nation. It is now 16th April as we are writing this and the total currently stands at over £12 million.

This is absolutely extraordinary and an amount that surely no-one could have ever dreamt of. We wonder how Captain Tom must feel at literally taking the nation with him on a journey that has summed up the courage, determination and camaraderie of the country. He is a beacon of light in dark times. What is even more remarkable is that he completed his 100 garden laps this morning but has said that whist people are still donating he will keep walking. What will the total eventually be ? Congratulations Captain Tom from all of us here and the whole nation!!

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