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During our period of consultation we are not going to do any prize draws during the month of May…

We published an article earlier this week explaining that we needed to have a period of consultation about finding out ways of generating some income so that we can continue with the cash prize draw and also to look into other options.

Whilst we are looking into all of our options we don’t think it is right to advertise the draw any longer until we know for sure how we are going to be able to carry on. For this reason, so that we can be as transparent as possible with everyone, we are not going to do any prize draws during the month of May. Hopefully during this time we will have gained enough information to give us a clearer picture as to our best way forward.

We will still be doing the Good News features and publishing our newsletter on a Thursday and we will keep everyone updated both in the newsletter and on the website. We do hope that you will continue to support us and stay as members whilst this consultation is happening and that you will continue to read articles and let us have your Good News as usual.

Please let us know if you do have any ideas as to the best way for us to generate income so that we do not have to have the current advertisements that members have told us they don’t like and also generate very little income anyway. We do need to find a way of generating income to cover the prizes and of course help us to raise more funds for charity. Please provide your views via EmailĀ by clicking this link

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