Battling Suicide Tour – 5asideChess

What a great idea for a project fighting loneliness and social isolation …..

The 5asideCHESS team are heading off on the Battling Suicide Tour on July 19th, raising awareness of suicide prevention and promoting good mental health. All through the medium of talking. 5asideCHESS is a cut down version of the traditional game.
The 5×6 boards are used as ‘icebreakers’ by volunteers who offer people that chance to talk at cafes, rehab centres, nursing homes and other locations across the country. The idea is to get people off their phones, out of their homes and back into the ‘art of conversation.’ And, after eight months working on the project fighting loneliness and social isolation, Directors Ryan Child and Ross Smith have decided to tackle suicide head on with a nationwide tour.

The tour kicked off in Cambridge on the 19th July before heading to the Edinburgh fringe and back down the west coast of the UK. Click here for more details about the event.

Keep your eyes open for updates as the tour progresses. Banana Crumble wishes them all the best for this.

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