Banana Chat – meet Sean Sevant

This week’s Banana Chat is with our inspirational person of the week – Sean Sevant. Student, Lifeguard, Personal Trainer and travel lover. Read onto find out more about him…

Hello, I am a 20 year old from Essex/London who has a passion for music and meeting people. I study English and alongside my studies I work in a gym as a personal trainer and lifeguard. Last summer I travelled some of Europe alone interailing and I plan to go much further afield when time and money allow me to!

What is your favourite joke?
Knock knock. (Who’s there?) Interrupting cow. (interrupting co) MOOOOO

What makes you smile?
Having something to look forward to!

What is your favourite good news story?
There’s a man called Mohammed Bzeek in Los Angeles who has been adopting disabled and disadvantaged orphans since 1989.

What inspires you?
Being lucky enough to have spent a month in The Gambia, I saw how people have made so much from so little.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?
I would hope people could have a little more empathy.

If you could have one superpower what would you choose and why?
I would have the remote from the film ‘Click’, controlling time like that would mean you could do and learn anything you ever wanted to, help anyone you wanted- and still win the lottery!

What is your favourite food?
Probably my dad’s lasagne, or maybe his bread and butter pudding (just don’t let him know that or it’ll go to his head).

What is your favourite drink?
Nothing beats Fanta lemon on a beach somewhere.

If you are going on holiday what luxury item would you take from home?
Definitely my guitars, by far the things I miss the most when I’m away!

If you could make one law, what would it be and why?
That there should be a cap on all wages, ie football players etc, and have the money put back into the economy.

Give us a random piece of information about you that people wouldn’t know?
Brian May (Queen) told me in person that I don’t look like a girl.

What is your favourite phrase or saying?
Ciao Bella!

What cause, project or event would you like to promote?
I would really recommend looking out for your local homeless shelter, and seeing if there’s any help that could be needed, it’s a lot of fun and you meet some amazing people!

Who is your favourite music artist?
Hard question, at the moment probably Feeder, their mix of grunge and alternative playing style is amazing and they have some really catchy songs.

Who is the person that you feel has shaped your life most?
Without being too cliché, my parents have always supported me and I’m very grateful to them.

PJ’s or Not?

Hot or cold? Hot, I hate cold weather.

Cat or dog? Dog.

Blue or pink? Blue.

Tea or coffee? Tea

Glass half-empty or glass half-full? 50% I’m a realist.

Pyjamas or not? Not.

Night out or night in? Night out.

Pizza or pasta? Pasta, but Pizza is also gooood.

Biscuits or cake? Biscuits.

Wine or beer? Beer.

Football or rugby? Football.

Cinema or theatre? Theatre

Gym or TV? Gym

Naughty or nice? Naughty.

Silver or gold? Gold.

Tent or hotel? Depends where the tent is!

Bath or shower? Bath

Starter or pudding? Starter.

Sheets or duvet? Duvet.

Love Island or Game of Thrones? Game of Thrones

Finally, apple or banana? Banana, I eat one a day.

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