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Banana Chat - Meet Daniel Puddick

by Banana Crumble | Nov 28, 2017

I am Daniel Puddick, founder of Sundried,  a UK brand developed in Essex. After noticing a rise in ‘fast fashion’ and unethical cheap clothing, I decided to start my own fashionable activewear brand which makes a point of giving back to both nature and the community. Developed throughout 2016, Sundried now boasts a range of stylish and responsibly-sourced clothes for keen gym-goers, seasoned professionals, and competing athletes all over the world. Daniel is a qualified personal trainer and triathlete with several events under his belt.

What is your favourite joke?
Two fish are in a tank, one turns to the other and says, “Hey, how do you drive this thing!?”

What makes you smile?
My two children.

What is your favourite good news story?
I love hearing about Sundried’s inspiring ambassador Sophie Holmes. She has cystic fibrosis but is such a fiery character you would never even know. She never complains and she is unbelievably inspirational to others.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by the beauty of the outdoors.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?
I would change the way fashion is produced. The rise of ‘fast fashion’ is harming the planet beyond repair and something needs to be done about it before it’s too late. A lot of factories also do not treat their workers equally and pay them sub-standard wages.

If you could have one superpower what would you choose and why?
I would choose to have superspeed as I am a triathlete so it would mean I could win every race!

What is your favourite food?
I absolutely love bread and butter. Fresh bread from my local bakery and lashings of real dairy butter.

What is your favourite drink?
I love a drink of beer at the weekend to help me relax and celebrate another successful week.

If you are going on holiday what luxury item would you take from home?
I take my bike with me when I can along with my special pedals and power meters so I can train while I’m away.

If you could make one law, what would it be and why?
It would be that all clothes companies would have to work with the Low Carbon Innovation Fund and that waste would be illegal.

Give us a random piece of information about you that people wouldn’t know?
I cycled the length of Wales on an old bike, just for fun!

What is your favourite phrase or saying?
“You’ve got to be in it to win it!”

What cause, project or event would you like to promote?
I am the founder of Sundried which is a premium ethical activewear brand based in the UK. We work closely with several different charities including Surfers Against Sewage, Water For Kids, and Havens Hospices. Together we are working towards a brighter future for everyone and for a healthier planet. With each purchase of our sportswear, money is donated to charity and goes to a very worthy cause. Additionally, Sundried sponsor the Southend Triathlon which is returning for its second year in 2018. This is a big local event which promises to be an unforgettable day!

Who is your favourite music artist?
The Ben Folds.

Who is the person that you feel has shaped your life most?
My wife. She supports me in everything I do and is the mother to our two beautiful children.

PJ’s or Not?

Hot or cold? Hot

Cat or dog? Dog (I have 2!)

Blue or pink? Blue

Tea or coffee? Coffee

Glass half-empty or glass half-full? Half-full

Pyjamas or not? Pyjamas

Night out or night in? Night out

Pizza or pasta? Pasta

Biscuits or cake? Biscuits

Wine or beer? Beer

Football or rugby? Rugby

Cinema or theatre? Cinema

Gym or TV? Gym

Naughty or nice? Nice

Silver or gold? Gold

Tent or hotel? Hotel

Bath or shower? Bath

Starter or pudding? Starter

Sheets or duvet? Duvet

Love Island or Game of Thrones? Game Of Thrones

Finally, apple or banana? Banana!

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