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Banana Chat - Meet Amanda Austin

by Banana Crumble | Dec 06, 2017

Hi. I am Amanda, Banana Director at Banana Crumble. I was born in Essex and lived there all my life so I am officially an Essex Girl and proud to be so. I left school at 18 and went to work in the city, which I did for ten years. During this time I met my husband Richard. We have two children Daniel and Matthew. Since leaving the city I had a complete career change and became a badminton coach and I have done this now for over 20 years. Now somehow my son has talked me into being Director of Banana Crumble and I have really relished the new opportunities and challenges this has given me.

Favourite Joke:
I am absolutely rubbish at remembering jokes. I always hear great ones and think I will remember that, then when a good joke is needed have the perfect joke tucked up my sleeve. It never happens. Currently we seem to be spending so much time with Banana Crumble it has to be a banana joke but ask me tomorrow and I won’t remember this one! Why do bananas have to wear sun cream ?  Because otherwise they peel!

What makes you smile?
100%  spending time with my family!! I always love a good family get together! Enjoying good times with friends. I love watching sporting events especially if I have someone to cheer on. I love being a part of the Essex Badminton team and we have had loads to smile about in the last few seasons so definitely being a part of that team. Loads to smile about both on and off court. Going on holiday and visiting new and old places – everyone knows I love a trip to the sun.

Favourite good news story
When the United Kingdom was awarded the London 2012 Olympics. On that day everyone was in such a great mood and smiling. I remember hearing cars hooting and everyone was just so excited. It was one of those moments I will never forget! Working with Banana Crumble has made me realise that there are so many Good News Stories.

What inspires you?
Hearing about people doing well and seeing people collecting medals on the world stage. It is when you see how much hard work and effort goes into achieving things and see the result of all their dedication.  Also when people overcome real adversity to achieve their own personal goals. I like to see hard work and effort recognised. I love being able to help teach people to play badminton and to see their progress at all levels.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?
Make everyone get on with everyone else, life is too short to hold a grudge or to have arguments. Life would be so much simpler without all the bad feeling.

If you could have one superpower what would you choose and why?
I would give everyone the power to be happy and to get along with each other, then the world would be a much better place with none of the atrocities we have seen.

What is your favourite food?
I just love food! My husband Richard’s Turkey and Gammon pie is probably one of my definite favourites but then so is his roast dinner!!! Actually most of the things Richard cooks are pretty much up there. Foreign food – Thai is my favourite.

What is your favourite drink?
A nice cold Gin and tonic but then again a nice cold glass of white wine or prosecco or then again I wouldn’t say no to a cocktail or a celebratory glass of champagne. Anyone reading this will think I am an alcoholic! My close friends know my drink measures are thimbles though!

If you are going on holiday, what luxury item would you take from home?
Salad Cream – how can you have a sandwich or a salad without salad cream it just isn’t the same. Would forgo most electrical items in favour of a small jar!

If you could make one law, what would it be and why?
If people are unemployed and fit to work they should have to do community things before they are entitled to get benefits eg clearing up, helping with local projects, looking after community gardens, helping to make society a better place etc. No one should get something for nothing. It would encourage people to go back to work and give everyone a purpose and an incentive to find a job as well as improving our local communities.

Random piece of information that people wouldn’t know about you?
I broke 5 Maltese national Swimming records as a child making me Malta’s National Swimming Champion in 5 events – and I am not even Maltese!

What s your favourite phrase or saying?
Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it is about dancing in the rain, although my children would probably say “have you tidied your room yet?”

What cause/project/charity or anything else would you like to plug?
In my role as Banana Director of Banana Crumble I will obviously say Banana Crumble of course and our charity of the year The Cystic Fibrosis Trust. In my other world I would like to see the sport of Badminton given the recognition it deserves. It is a great sport, enjoyed by many and is really exciting to both watch and play. I would also like to plug Forza for all their help over the years with my badminton ventures.

Who is your favourite music artist?
I like lots of different types of music, some say quite a lot of cheesy stuff but if I just had to say one then probably Take That. My brother and sister-in-law took me to a Take That concert as a birthday present and it was just such a brilliant evening playing my favourite Rule The World as the encore. A moment I will never forget!!

Who is the person that you feel has shaped your life the most?
My Dad – he taught me so much from my love of sport, love of life, to competing, to being organised, encouraging me always to try and do my best and to ensure that we celebrate everything we have and certainly to treasure your family.

PJ’s or Not?

Hot or cold? Hot

Cat or Dog?  Never had either but think my daughter in law would never forgive me if I didn’t say cat!!

Blue or Pink? Blue

Tea or Coffee? Tea

Glass half empty or glass half full? Half Empty

Pyjamas or not? Pyjamas

Night out or night in? Night in only because we don’t seem to have very many of them!

Pizza or Pasta?  Pasta

Biscuits or cake?   Cake

Wine or beer?  Wine

Football or rugby?   Football

Cinema or theatre?   Theatre

Gym or TV?  Gym but probably a game of badminton would be much more likely

Naughty or nice?  Nice, most of the time (I hope!)

Silver or gold?  Gold

Tent or hotel?   Hotel

Bath or shower?  Shower

Starter or pudding?  Both – I would probably rather miss out on the main course!!

Sheets or duvet?  Duvet

Love Island or Game of Thrones? Not watched either but probably caught more glimpses of Love Island

Finally apple or banana ?  Banana

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