Banana Chat – meet Abed Ahmed

This week’s Banana Chat is with inspirational teacher Abed Ahmed. Read on to find out some more about him and how he has helped those with stammers ….

Abed Ahmed is a teacher from Birmingham. He began to stammer from the age of four, and struggled at school due to lack of support. Abed took GCSE drama and he felt that this was a great tool in helping towards dealing with his stammer and helped with his confidence. At age 19, he started working with a speech and language therapist, and his confidence flourished. To find out more then look at his social media site.

Twitter: @stammer_teacher

What is your favourite joke?
Train conductor finds that an adult has a child pass and asks him why before fining him. The man replies, “I’m a child of God”

What makes you smile?
Seeing sad people made happy.

What is your favourite good news story?
My favourite good news story is one where the Father of a murdered Muslim pizza delivery driver forgave the man convicted over his killing. To see this inspiring story click here

What inspires you?
People who battle with cancer and mental illnesses.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?
How we perceive mental health.

If you could have one superpower what would you choose and why?
To read people’s minds! It would be incredibly useful to know what people are thinking!

What is your favourite food?
Rice and fish curry!

What is your favourite drink?
Rubican mango

If you are going on holiday what luxury item would you take from home?
My playstation 4!

If you could make one law, what would it be and why?
To not work more than 4 hours a day!

Give us a random piece of information about you that people wouldn’t know?
I almost drowned at sea in Turkey!

What is your favourite phrase or saying?
Verily after hardship, comes ease.

What cause, project or event would you like to promote?
Any stammer related event! Or my article on how to make teachers better at understanding those with a stammer.

Who is your favourite music artist?
Ed Sheeran

Who is the person that you feel has shaped your life most?
Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him)

PJ’s or Not?

Hot or cold? Cold

Cat or dog? Dog

Blue or pink? Pink

Tea or coffee? Tea

Glass half-empty or glass half-full? Half Empty

Pyjamas or not? Not

Night out or night in? Night In

Pizza or pasta? Pizza

Biscuits or cake? Biscuits

Wine or beer? Non Drinker

Football or rugby? Football

Cinema or theatre? Cinema

Gym or TV? TV

Naughty or nice? Nice

Silver or gold? Silver

Tent or hotel? Hotel

Bath or shower? Shower

Starter or pudding? Pudding

Sheets or duvet? Duvet

Love Island or Game of Thrones? Neither

Finally, apple or banana? Apple

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