One of our Banana Crumble members is after some help. Do you just throw away stamps and bottle tops…

I try to do my best to share my love of collecting with my love of helping others and to date, I save used stamps for Bransby Horses (via our local post office and my office), used bottle tops and soft drinks tops for Pathfinder Dogs (via our office, personally, through friends, and through colleagues and relatives) and like to share my goodwill and good tidings whenever I can. Pathfinder Dogs are based in Wishaw and train German Shepherd dogs for seeing eye dogs, and Bransby Horses are based in Lincoln and make over £75k pa in used stamps sales to rescue horses, donkeys, and ponies in distress.

If you can help with any of these, Pathfinder Dogs will provide you with free postage labels to allow you to post up to 7kg in weight of tops to them, and its very much appreciated!!