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April - the month of the Tiger !!!

by Banana Crumble | Apr 25, 2019

06Two stories in April both involving Tiger!!!!

The Grand National was held at Aintree on the 6th April and the winner was the tiny horse Tiger Roll. Tiger Roll was ridden by Davy Russell and this win made him the first horse since Red Rum in 1974 to win back to back Nationals. Tiger Roll certainly proved that despite being little you can still have a big heart and achieve great things.


The second story was about Tiger Woods winning the 2019 US Masters. In his time Tiger Woods has had so many stories both positive and negative written about him. From being one of the highest profile sportsman to then battling both personal and health issues and his reputation in tatters. This victory was his 15th Major but more significantly his first in 11 years. Tiger Woods proved that sometimes, despite everything, with hard work and perseverance you can overcome almost anything.

The bookies came really unstuck with both the Tigers coming in against the odds but it certainly goes to prove April was definitely the month of the Tiger.

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