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An award 54 years in the making and well deserved ....

by Banana Crumble | Jan 10, 2019

The New Year honours list is one where celebrities and famous people get awards and accolades for achievements and services in their fields. Twiggy was made a Dame and Alastair Cook was knighted to name but a few. All huge awards and recognition of the hours of dedication that people have put into their chosen fields.

As much as these are all huge and inspirational stories it is not these awards that stood out to us!! Our favourite award went to 82 year old Beryl Maureen Quantrill from Cleethorpes. Beryl was awarded a British Empire Medal for devoting 54 years of her life to helping people to cross the road. She has been a lollipop lady and has stood out in all weathers twice a day every day helping children to cross the road safely on their way to school. She is based at Queen Mary Avenue Infant School where she is a real celebrity in their eyes. She started work in May 1964 and is determined to carry on with her five days a week job as long as her health allows.

What a truly remarkable lady. It isn’t just the standing out in all weathers but the commitment to the time. It may be just for a short period but that time is twice a day and must take up a fair chunk of each day that she works. As well as being a lollipop lady Beryl is involved in local charities and community projects and gives talks to the school children about road safety.

Banana Crumble would like to wish Beryl all the very best and to say what an inspiring lady you are.

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Sophie finishes with a bronze medal...

by Banana Crumble | Jun 24, 2019

Sophie you are an absolute inspiration and to finish in third place is a truly remarkable achievement