Almost Boaty McBoat Face

RSS Sir David Attenborough launched by Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge with a nod to Boaty McBoat Face

In 2016 the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council launched an online poll to name its new research vessel. It was suggested that by getting the public involved it would highlight the work that would be done by the ship and increase the awareness of the work and research required by the polar exploring vessel. The online poll drew more interest than was completely expected and thanks to a joke from a radio presenter there followed an online campaign for the boat to be named Boaty McBoat Face. Roll forward to 2019 and the boat has had its naming ceremony but it wasn’t to be called Boaty McBoat Face after all even though a campaign for it to be so was launched. The ship has been named RSS Sir David Attenborough after the national treasure who is its namesake.

Boaty McBoat Face hasn’t slipped into oblivion after all. One of the submarines to be found on the boat has been given that name. The power of the public is amazing and doesn’t it just make you smile at the thought of Prince William naming a boat Boaty McBoat Face. During the naming ceremony Prince William said he was glad the boat was named after Sir David Attenbororugh as he thought it would be easier to welcome him than the fictional character. The obligatory bottle of champagne was smashed on the ship’s hull during the naming ceremony.

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