A million reasons to smile!!

Station Road in Harold Wood was turned into a brightly coloured, happy scene.

A dull Wednesday lunchtime I needed to post a parcel. I squeezed into a parking space but was suddenly aware of a group of people dressed in brightly coloured tee shirts. Two massive balloons , one saying “1” and the other saying “M”. I had absolutely no idea what was happening but saw glasses of bubbly, a cake  and a dignatory wearing official chains of Office. Still no idea, but what struck me was the bright colours and cheerful faces of the gathered crowd – certainly something had happened that made them all smile!

I went to the post office and people in the queue were chatting and trying to guess what had happened to cause such a happy scene. One person said they must have won the lottery. Still with no idea and having to walk back past the group to get to my car it now looked like official photos were being taken. Curiosity got the better of me and I spoke to a lady who was obviously involved. She told me that Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, Harold Wood shop volunteers had just raised one million pounds for the charity, which supports families with a seriously ill child. That explained the 1M balloons and all the brightly coloured tee shirts. I listened to the speeches and heard that the branch has been going for almost 25 years and over that period through the efforts of their team a million pounds had been raised to help seriously ill children and their families . Definitely a reason to smile but then the lady told me that everyone at that shop was a volunteer. How amazing is it to keep motivation going for all those years, helping families as the decades pass. Today was obviously a celebration of all that money raised, but in my opinion it was also a celebration of all the hard work and dedication put into that cause. Station Road in Harold Wood was turned into a brightly coloured, happy scene. Smiles brought to more than just the people involved with Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. Banana Crumble wishes them well going forward and hope they achieve many more inspirational targets.

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