A Message in a Bottle could save your life…..

Such a simple idea but one that really could help so many……

Recently an elderly friend of the family was taken ill in the middle of the night and was rushed into hospital. Thankfully she has now recovered but it was when we spoke to her after that we realised how hard it must have been for her.

She has no family, she was unconscious when they took her to hospital so they literally took her in her nightclothes and took nothing else. When she got to the hospital she didn’t have any money, no phone numbers so was unable to contact anyone. It took lots of investigating and tracking down to be able to make contact with her and took us several days.

We thought that there must be a system designed to help people in similar situations, old and young alike. We were then told by another friend of a system that her mum uses which sounded to us a really great idea for anyone who is elderly, disabled or who lives with dementia, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy or any condition that may cause loss of consciousness or memory. Maybe everyone should  have one, particularly if they take more than two types of prescription medicines? The system is called “Message in a Bottle” and it can be obtained at Doctor’s surgeries, pharmacists and from Lions Clubs

The system tells you to put a sticker on your front door and also a sticker on the door of your fridge. You then put a message in a bottle in the fridge and the medics know once they have seen the cross to check the fridge. The container is big enough to put emergency contact details, next of kin, medicines and any health information that people should be aware of.

Such a simple idea but one that really could help so many. We had never heard of it so thought we would pass this on. You may have grandparents, parents, children or friends that this could help so please tell everyone about The message in a bottle scheme.

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