A genuine thank you

These people need to know that they are appreciated too….

How many times during a day do we say thank you and actually just say it out of politeness without really thinking about it. Last week, and again this evening, with the applause for the NHS it gave everyone a chance to say thank you to all of the staff on the front line.

There are literally so many people that are helping us with our current situation be it people working in supermarkets, refuse collectors, delivery people, military, utility workers, train, bus drivers, postmen and women to name but a few. These people need to know that they are appreciated too. It is really easy to grab a parcel and say a quick thank you to the person handing it over. Why not make sure you actually say it like you mean it.

A smile and a really big thank you and just a few words can go a long way in helping people to feel appreciated and to know that we the public are grateful for everything that they are doing. The rubbish was collected from my house a few days ago and I happened to be on the driveway. Normally I would just yell a quick thanks but this time I added a few extra words and was rewarded with a huge smile. Hopefully this can make a difference and reinforce the debt of gratitude we owe everyone who is keeping life as normal as it can possibly be in these completely unprecedented times.

Don’t forget, 8pm this evening is the time to be at the front of your property, on your balconies or at your windows to give another well deserved round of applause to say thanks to everyone that has helped us during these unprecedented times.

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