A classy gesture from a classy player. 

A Sterling effort as Raheem applauds both sets of fans…..

Raheem Sterling used to play for Liverpool FC and now plays for Manchester City. He was loved at Liverpool but when he went to his new club the Liverpool fans said that he only had changed clubs as he wanted the extra money and they felt he had let them down. Every time he has played against Liverpool the fans have shown their anger towards him by booing every time he appeared, touched the ball or even had his name announced.

In the Community Shield when the two teams came together, Raheem Sterling scored  and also converted a penalty despite the boos. After the game whilst his team celebrated the victory Raheem Sterling went to both sets of fans and had his photo taken with fans from both teams as well as signing autographs. He also gifted his shirt to a young Liverpool fan. A classy gesture from a classy player.

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