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The real story behind our 'A Million Reasons to Smile" feature

by Banana CrumbleMar 23, 2018

Their accomplishment is testament to the commitment of the 33 volunteers, eight of whom were among the original team of 16 involved when the shop officially opened in April 1993.


50 Mums | 50 Kids | 1 Extra Chromosome

by Banana CrumbleMar 21, 2018

We couldn't help but share this emotional video which even brought James Corden to tears.


Banana Chat - Meet Lauren Hull

by Banana CrumbleMar 20, 2018

This week's Banana Chat is with a Helen Barrett Award winner Lauren Hull. Read on to find out some more about her ....


I’ve already told all my friends how crazy it is to win just for being signed up to a website and checking it on a weekly basis! 

by Banana CrumbleMar 19, 2018

I felt shocked and excited. I can’t deny I felt a little sceptical that there would be a catch as it seemed too good to be true! I am very grateful and it honestly made my day!!


Builders unite to create sensory garden for disabled children

by Banana CrumbleMar 16, 2018

This project just goes to show what can be achieved when people are willing to give up a little bit of time to help those less fortunate than themselves...


Here at Banana Crumble we want to make you smile ....

by Banana CrumbleMar 14, 2018

When I saw this on Facebook it really made me laugh ......


Banana Chat - meet Abed Ahmed

by Banana CrumbleMar 13, 2018

This week's Banana Chat is with inspirational teacher Abed Ahmed. Read on to find out some more about him and how he has helped those with stammers ....


Turtle freed by staff member at Paradise resort in the Maldives

by Banana CrumbleMar 11, 2018

We all love a happy ending at Banana Crumble...

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